large scale woodcuts and installations

Beatrice Guttormsen

Leilighet 420 - fragmenter av et minne (Apartment 420 - fragments of a memory), woodcut on textile, 244x716 cm, 2020.

I have used the apartments I have lived in as memory triggers. The memory of objects and events are not necessarily related to the specific apartment,

but go beyond the place they happened. One association follow the other, the work becomes dreamy and everything merged. MFA final exam project.

Leilighet 420 - fragmenter av et minne, tresnitt på bomullslerret, 244x716 cm, 2020

Leilighet 420 - fragmenter av et minne, tresnitt på bomullslerret, 244x716 cm, 2020

I don't live in apartment 420 anymore. Someone else live there now, with his stuff and stories.

I took my woodcut into the living room, and hang it there from the roof. His things and my memories of the apartment affect each other. The woodcut covers his furniture and things, which in turn gives new shapes to my memories.

jeg pleide å bo her (I used to live here), ink on paper, 1700x400 cm, voice recording, 10 min, 2018. Stream of consciousness

Slurpen aktivitetshus, 2018

mens vi synger kjente sanger på full fart inn i tunellen i total bevisstløshet, woodcut on paper, 440x310 cm, 2018

How to capture a moment, thoughts, dreams and moments for March month, cut directly into wood plates, every day.

From the HIT exhibition at Haugaland museet, 2019.

Foto: Haugalandmuseet/Grethe Nygaard.

Winter Solstice night exhibition 2018

Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen

BFA final exam exhibition

photo: Istvan Virag

vil støvet følge etter meg, woodcut on paper, 1500x110 cm, 2017.

Extracts from my diary

vil støvet følge etter meg, installation, woodcut on paper, 2017, 1500x110 cm

Jyväskylä International Print Triennial, Finland, 2019

vil støvet følge etter meg, installation, woodcut on paper, 2017, 1500x110 cm

R.K BUrt Gallry, London, 

hva var vi, woodcut on textile, voice recorder, 500x260 cm, 2017

Extracts from my diary

My diaries where never ment for you, they are my words, my private words, my sanctuary, where I can think freely, uncensored. I read through all the diaries again, it's uncomfortable, like watching myself from the outside, watching myself naked, naked words, naked opinions, not meant for anyone else, not meant to be read again, not meant for me now.

hva var vi, Installation, woodcut on textile, voice recorder, 2017, 500x260 cm

Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, 2017

Ingen hører til her mer enn du, (No one belongs here more then you), installation, 1200x250 cm, 2017.

With the project I investigate, what does it mean to belong, is it a state? a place? Do I have to belong somewhere? 

I've always been fascinated by photography; the ability to capture the moments I see. I got my first camera when I was 7 years old. I'm looking, searching for places that interest me, that bring me memories of my life, the undefined, that I cannot see. I seek while I drive past, a glimpse, a feeling that is left, captured by camera, a moment - a trace of time. I try to capture what I do not see but that is there – in the corner of my eye. Landscapes perceived through the side window, like in an old movie, I listen to what these landscapes can convey. Can I belong here?

photo, drawing and hand sewing, on paper

Ingen hører til her mer enn du, installation, Galleri Fisk, Bergen, 2017 1200x250 cm

Ingen hører til her mer enn du, installation, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, 2017, 1150x300 cm

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